About Us

At Through The Lens Media, we're with you every step of the way.

Julius Field
Founder & Managing Director

After studying media and film for 2 years, and with 3 years’ experience in web design and photography under my belt, I founded Through The Lens Media to assist my clients with marketing their businesses. By building high quality but cost effective websites, logo design, branding and the effective use of social media I am confident that we have the knowledge and the skills to fulfil every client’s needs and uphold our high standards whilst doing so.

Andre Field

A law graduate and businessman of considerable experience, Andre uses his substantial network of contacts to help market the business as well as taking care of company secretarial matters. With many years' experience of creating adverts he uses his creative writing skills for the benefit of our clients by producing content for websites and publications and monitoring quality control.

WIll Skingley
Project Coordinator

With 2 years experience studying design as well as 2 years working in a technical design department, Will has knowledge of design co-ordination and client customer service. He uses his passion for photography and design as a way of providing high quality outcomes for his clients.

Alex Adams
Design Team

Hi, I’m Alex, an architecture student who is passionate about art and design. My whole life has revolved around creativity, and I am applying this passion to Through The Lens to provide the best possible product for our clients. I like to think I know good design when I see it. That’s why when you use Through The Lens for your business, the business identity is never a second thought, and a good logo for your company will be the crown jewel on your website, in your videos, and across your social platforms.

Alvaro Briones

Having dreamt of becoming a film director since a young age, I have just moved to London to study a BA in Film & TV production at UAL. I have been filming travel style videos in my early teenage years but as I become more experimental, I expanded to different styles. My filming interests are broad, covering different filming styles such as fashion, documentary and promotional videos.