Branding & Graphic Design

Branding and graphic design are at the front line of presenting the identity of a business. Featured below are logos, illustrations, and graphics that we have designed for our clients.


Design Team

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Hi, I’m Alex, an architecture student who is passionate about art and design. My whole life has revolved around creativity, and I am applying this passion to ThroughTheLens to provide the best possible product for our clients. I like to think I know good design when I see it. That’s why when you use ThroughTheLens for your business, the business identity is never a second thought, and a good logo for your company will be the crown jewel on your website, in your videos, and across your social platforms.

ThroughTheLens does not compromise when it comes to the tools used to create your brand, with the Adobe CC suite at our fingertips which will help us create the highest quality branding for you.

Contact: Alex@ThroughTheLens.Media