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Wacky Races

The Wacky Races are a selection charity based road trips run on a yearly basis to support Pacs1 UK Research. Drivers bring their cars on the trip of a life time as they enjoy an exciting and luxurious trip while raising money for the charity. ThroughTheLens have been onboard as partners since the start. We have created a bespoke website with a drivers only area known as the “Paddock Club”. We will also be attending the trip this year to create a series of short videos / document the trip. Expect more to come!


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Riviera The Band 

Riviera have worked with Through The Lens media from the start. Taking high quality concert photos which the band have used for promotional material. Through The lens have also been working with the band on several music videos soon to be released! Take a look at the latest photoshoot below:

View the: Latest Photo Shoot!


The Gin palace UK

Through The Lens have worked with The Gin Palace to create a beautiful and easy to navigate website to compliment their Gin bar. They also have contracted us to take regular photos & videos under our monthly subscription.



The Bell Standon

The Bell in Standon worked with Through The Lens to create yet another website promoting their pub. For them it was key that they could easily add events and photographs to their site which can be done via the Squarespace client which costs a small monthly fee.



Industricycle / Born-eco

We have had a long working relationship with Industricycle during the development of their company by taking product photos, creating an online website and store, and helping with running the website. As they move into their new company Born-eco we will be once again helping them with their digital media and website.