There are many things that compelling imagery can say that words can’t. Photography and videography play a big role in developing a brand’s narrative and the message a brand is sending to its clients.

We also offer Photography & Video services for events, functions and family occasions.

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When asked about my photography and what I like to shoot, my answer is "l'essence de la vie".

I enjoy portrait photography and studio work but what I really love is being a fly on the wall out in the field. What I try and seek out is the individuality of different communities, using my lens to capture people without inhibitions. I thrive on the spontaneity and challenge of capturing great moments of truth, taking the time to step back rather than shape or control an image. This is my focus and ethos with event and wedding photography; to capture and preserve life’s little moments.

On a personal note, I'm French and have been living in London for 10 years. I keep myself busy working on several personal projects but my favourite subject is my four legged muse, Coco. I couldn't ask for a more professional and photogenic model!