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Riviera are an indie rock group from Hertfordshire, England. Forming in the summer of 2017, Riviera have been on the rise, gaining a following for their energetic live shows. Their debut single “Conveyor Belt” was met with praise from both their fans and the local media, making their journey so far incredibly successful!

“The group are currently working on their debut EP, whose release date and title will be announced later this year. The project marks the beginning of their true sound, including four tracks that will establish the band apart from any other within the industry.”

Riviera have worked with Through The Lens media from the start. Taking high quality concert photos which the band have used for promotional material. Through The lens have also been working with the band on several music videos soon to be released!

The team at Through the Lens Media are highly experienced with access to some of the most up to date camera equipment and editing platforms on the market. With access to some of the best local studios and locations. We assure all of our customers that their final product will be made to a high professional standard which has satisfied every past client.